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Client Feedback

“Having counselling with Siobhan has been the best decision I've made. Siobhan helped me work though some difficult issues and as a result my anxiety has gone, I feel so much more happy and content. For the first time in a long time I feel like the real me, no longer carrying my emotional burden and viewing life in a much more positive way. The most important thing I gained from Siobhan was coping strategies and a sense of perspective. I would recommend anyone see Siobhan, as without her I wouldn't be in the good place I am now. A huge thank you Siobhan’. (Individual Therapy. 40yr)

“I just wanted to say thank you for helping me cope with something that has bothered me for years. You were always very reassuring and understanding, which made me feel comfortable opening up to you. Yo always made sure that everything we tried felt ‘right’, which showed you cared and you always got me to find the right answers without pushing me so that I realised for myself how much progress I’d made. Most of the time you seemed more a friend to me than anything else, which helped me a lot. Not only have you given me the confidence to control my anxiety, but you've also given me a newfound confidence in myself, which I am very grateful for. I couldn't have asked for anyone lovelier to help me work through a hard time and it is a wonderful reassurance to know that you're there if I ever find that I need further support in the future, thank you again for all your help” (EMDR, 14yr)

"The help I received from you really helped, not just me, but made a difference within the whole family. You soon put my son and me at ease with your 'down to earth' approach which was both professional and supportive. You have helped us to consider our behaviours and understand each other better which has led to our family being a much happier place to be. Thank you" (Family Therapy, 45yr, 12yr)

"Having a sex addiction is not an easy thing to admit to and I was worried about being believed and seeking support for an issue many people 'look down upon'. I needn't have worried as you helped me see that my issues were real and helped me address my underlying issues to help me beat my addictions.........but most of all, you was so warm, approachable and supportive and made me feel so at ease making the therapy sessions something I looked forward to - Thank You" (Sex Addiction Therapy, 28yr)

"We wish we'd sought help sooner as our relationship is so much better and we are now able to recognise how both our behaviours needed to change to improve our relationship - If you're thinking of working with Siobhan, don't hesitate!" (Relationship Therapy, 45yr, 47yr)

"The sessions really helped in so many ways. Thank you for being so patient allowing me the time I needed to understand" (Individual Therapy, 38yr)

"Thank you for everything, really means a lot - I will never forget how great you were with me as it took a lot for me to come for counselling" (Individaul Therapy, 22yr)

"Thank you for listening to me and for all your help" (Individual Therapy, 25yr)

"Thank you for your patience, understanding, support and guidance you really helped us take a step back and look at things from the others' perspective. We both understand now what is important to each other and are much more tolerant of our differences" (Relationship Therapy, 23yr, 25yr)

"From tears to laughter - You helped me to understand and deal with an incredibly difficult situation and come out the other side smiling. I will always be grateful for your kindness and non-judgemental support" (Relationship Therapy, 50yr, 53yr)
I am a member of The College of Sex and Relationship Therapy (COSRT) and The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC) and work within their guidelines and codes of ethics.
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