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Family Counselling

Many families can be a big source of love, support and encouragement but sometimes relationships within families can be put under everyday pressures and face unexpected change. This can leave some family members feel isolated or disregarded, finding it difficult to adapt or accept the changes, causing family conflict.

Examples of Common Issues Families Experience:
♦ Challenges parenting teenagers as they strive for more independence
♦ Adjusting to new family dynamics due to divorce/separation
♦ Living within a new step-family – ‘blending two families together’
♦ Coping with a new baby
♦ Siblings not getting along
♦ Difficulties with parents/in-laws

Family Counselling can help family members address destructive patterns of behaving and communicating, enabling them to learn new effective ways to communicate. This will help reduce conflict within the family and strengthen relationships enabling the family to support each other through difficult times and unite as a family.

During my many years experience working as a Family Counsellor I have worked with lots of families with varied needs and dependent on the needs of the family the sessions can be attended by a variety of family members. For example, parents and their children, step parents and step children, in-laws and partners, siblings, grandparents, close friends, there is no limit to who you include within your family sessions, it is based on the uniqueness of your family and who you believe is important within your family and could help to resolve your family difficulties.
I am a member of The College of Sex and Relationship Therapy (COSRT) and The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC) and work within their guidelines and codes of ethics.
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