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Young People's Counselling

For young people counselling offers a safe and confidential environment to talk to a trusted adult who won’t judge them, and who isn't their parent, as some things are difficult to talk to parents about. Just like adults, young people can experience a range of difficulties in their life in which counselling could be helpful.

Examples of Common Issues Young People Experience:
♦ Difficulties at home adjusting to new family dynamics due to divorce/separation
♦Struggling adjusting to living within a new step-family
♦ Issues experiencing abusive behaviour, such as physical, emotional or sexual abuse.
♦ Not getting along with your siblings or adjusting to welcoming a new baby into the family
♦ Arguements with parents as you strive for more independence
♦ Challenging relationships at school due to breakdown of friendships, bullying, peer-pressure or exam stress. 

Any of these emotions and difficulties can leave a young person feeling helpless, hopeless and very alone, often resulting in low self esteem and loss of confidence.

During my many years experience working therapeutically with children and young people and understand some young people can find communication difficult and initially may struggle to express their emotions or difficulties. I acknowledge the value of being able to build a warm and trusting relationship to enable young people to feel safe and respected.

I apply the same principles when working with children and young people as I do with adults. I offer them respect, warmth, empathy and compassion and trust by working together I can help them find their own way in life through personal growth and increased confidence.

If you are a young person and feel that counselling may be helpful for you, please call or email me so we can discuss what might be the next best step for you.
I am a member of The College of Sex and Relationship Therapy (COSRT) and The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC) and work within their guidelines and codes of ethics.
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