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Relationship Counselling

It is normal for relationships to suffer as the strains of everyday life mount. Pressures of work, family, money, health, affairs, rejection, loss – the list is endless but these can all take their toll on a relationship. Suddenly the person we sought comfort from, we now reject and the relationship that once recharged us leaves us feeling drained and disappointed.

You may feel the love in the relationship is diminishing, replaced by resentment and anger and depending on your own experiences of family life and previous relationships each of you may deal with this differently. Although arguments can be painful and unpleasant, they are common in all kinds of relationships. But disagreements don't have to end in hostile silence or a screaming match, communication is at the heart of all relationships.

Relationship counselling gives you the opportunity to discuss and resolve issues that cause conflict or unhappiness within your relationship, such as:
♦ Poor communication
♦ Arguments
♦ Affairs
♦ Job Changes
♦ Financial Worries
♦ Sexual Problems
♦ Differences About starting a Family
♦ Uncertainty about Commitment/Marriage

Relationship Counselling can foremost help you improve your communication, which is key in being able to meet the needs of yourself and your partner and enhancing your relationship. It also helps you recognise and address destructive patterns of behaving and communicating. As new relationship skills can be learned, enabling you to deal with discussions on emotive topics and decreasing conflict within the relationship leading to a healthier and happier relationship.

Relationship Counselling is also suitable for couples who are considering divorce/separation as this can be a very difficult process. I offer support and understanding so each partner can begin to let go of some of the hurt and resentment and start to rebuild their lives.

Pre-marital/cohabitation counselling can also help couples understand better the decisions they are making, the changes they are facing and the blocks they may be experiencing.

Relationship Counselling can help you whatever your sexual orientation and marital status, and whether you come alone or with a partner.
I am a member of The College of Sex and Relationship Therapy (COSRT) and The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC) and work within their guidelines and codes of ethics.
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